Planters Bank locations

Planters Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 083902633
P.O. BOX 1570

Planters Bank, Inc.

1312 South Main Street
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Boulevard Branch

4195 Fort Campbell Blvd
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Indian Hills Branch

3103 Canton Street
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

North Clarksville Branch

2019 Fort Campbell Boulevard
Clarksville, TN 37042

Hilldale Office Branch

1971 Madison Street
Clarksville, TN 37043

Commerce Street Branch

325 Commerce Street
Clarksville, TN 37040

Highway 76 Branch

895 Highway 76
Clarksville, TN 37043

St Bethlehem Branch

2250 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard
Clarksville, TN 37042

Rossview Branch

495 Dunlop Lane
Clarksville, TN 37040

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