The Lyons National Bank locations

The Lyons National Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 022304616
LYONS, NY 14489-0000

Clyde Branch

4 Williams St
Clyde, NY 14433

Geneva Branch

399 Exchange Street
Geneva, NY 14456

Jordan Branch

2 N Main St
Jordan, NY 13080

Forgham Street Branch

Routes 31 And 14
Lyons, NY 14489

The Lyons National Bank

35 Williams Street
Lyons, NY 14489

Macedon Branch

359 Nys Route 31
Macedon, NY 14502

Newark Branch

750 W Miller Street
Newark, NY 14513

Ontario Branch

Tops Plaza Shopping Center, 6254 Furnace Road
Ontario, NY 14519

Penn Yan Branch

205 Liberty Street
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Seneca County Branch

2433 State Route 414
Waterloo, NY 13165

Wolcott Branch

5996 New Hartford Street
Wolcott, NY 14590

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