Southern Bancorp Bank locations

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Routing Number: 084107343
PO BOX 248
ARKADELPHIA, AR 71923-0000

Southern Bancorp Bank

601 Main Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71923

West Pine Branch

2500 Pine St
Arkadelphia, AR 71923

Barton Branch

6140 Hwy 49
Barton, AR 72312

Bismarck Branch

Highway 7 And Highway 84
Bismarck, AR 71929

Walmart Branch

3700 E. State Highway 18
Blytheville, AR 72315

North Branch

807 North 6th Street
Blytheville, AR 72315

East Branch

1040 East Main Street
Blytheville, AR 72315

Gosnell Branch

599 Airbase Highway
Blytheville, AR 72315

South Branch

1012 South Division Street
Blytheville, AR 72315

Blytheville Branch

120 South Second Street
Blytheville, AR 72315

El Dorado Branch

1615 West Hillsboro
El Dorado, AR 71730

Timberland Branch

2421 North West Avenue
El Dorado, AR 71730

North Jefferson Branch

119 North Jefferson
El Dorado, AR 71730

Main Street Branch

128 Main Street
Elaine, AR 72333

Cherry Street Branch

502 Cherry Street
Helena, AR 72342

Hot Springs Branch

3832-A Central Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Airport Rd Branch

206 Airport Rd
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Ash Street Branch

208 Ash Street
Malvern, AR 72104

Manila Branch

403 Highway 18 South
Manila, AR 72442

Manila Branch

319 North Baltimore
Manila, AR 72442

Marvell Branch

911 Highway 49
Marvell, AR 72366

Trumann Branch

326 Highway 463 North
Trumann, AR 72472

Round Branch

432 N Sebastian
West Helena, AR 72390

Plaza Branch

425 East Plaza Street
West Helena, AR 72390

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