Renasant Bank locations

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Routing Number: 084205766
PO BOX 709
TUPELO, MS 38802-0000

Amory Main Branch

201 North Main Street
Amory, MS 38821

Batesville Branch

100 Bates Street
Batesville, MS 38606

Mccullough Boulevard Branch

3002 Mccullough Boulevard
Belden, MS 38826

Booneville Northgate Branch

1114 North 2nd Street
Booneville, MS 38829

Booneville Main Branch

213 West Market Street
Booneville, MS 38829

Calhoun City Branch

544 Veterans Boulevard
Calhoun City, MS 38916

Coffeeville Branch

14625 Depot Street
Coffeeville, MS 38922

Columbus Branch

905 Main Street
Columbus, MS 39701

Corinth Harper Road Branch

1505 South Harper Road
Corinth, MS 38834

Corinth Main Branch

304 South Cass Street
Corinth, MS 38834

Grenada Branch

1537 South Commerce Street
Grenada, MS 38901

Guntown Branch

1427 Highway 145
Guntown, MS 38849

Hernando Branch

180 East Commerce
Hernando, MS 38632

Horn Lake Branch

3082 West Goodman Road
Horn Lake, MS 38637

Iuka Branch

508 Constitution Drive
Iuka, MS 38852

Louisville Branch

301 North Church Street
Louisville, MS 39339

New Albany Branch

300 East Bankhead Street
New Albany, MS 38652

Coulter Branch

701 Coulter Drive
New Albany, MS 38652

Okolona Branch

511 South Church Street
Okolona, MS 38860

Olive Branch

6890 Cockrum Road
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Oxford Square Branch

1106 Van Buren Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655

Oxford Main Branch

2527 Jackson Avenue West
Oxford, MS 38655

Hi-Way 15 North Branch

309 Highway 15 North
Pontotoc, MS 38863

Pontotoc Main Branch

37 Main Street
Pontotoc, MS 38863

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