Bank Midwest locations

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Routing Number: 091201643
FAIRMONT, MN 56031-0000

Armstrong Branch

Main Street
Armstrong, IA 50514

Okoboji Branch

1102 Sanborn Avenue
Okoboji, IA 51355

Bank Midwest

1525 18th Street
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Wall Lake Branch

102 West Second Street
Wall Lake, IA 51466

Fairmont Branch

118 Downtown Plaza
Fairmont, MN 56031

Jackson Branch

509 Third Street
Jackson, MN 56143

New Ulm Branch

26 South Broadway
New Ulm, MN 56073

Farmers State Bank Of Sherburn Branc

33 North Main Street
Sherburn, MN 56171

Westbrook Branch

640 First Avenue
Westbrook, MN 56183

Windom Branch

245 Ninth Street
Windom, MN 56101

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