Bar Harbor Bank & Trust locations

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 011201759
P. O. BOX 1089
ELLSWORTH, ME 04605-1089

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

82 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME 4609

Blue Hill Branch

21 Main Street
Blue Hill, ME 4614

Deer Isle Branch

25 Church Street
Deer Isle, ME 4627

Ellsworth Branch

137 High Street
Ellsworth, ME 4605

Lubec Branch

68 Washington Street
Lubec, ME 4652

Machias Branch

20 Main Street
Machias, ME 4654

Milbridge Branch

Main & Bridge Street
Milbridge, ME 4658

Somesville Branch

1055 Main Street
Mount Desert, ME 4660

Northeast Harbor Branch

111 Main Street
Northeast Harbor, ME 4662

Rockland Branch

245 Camden Street (U.S. Route 1)
Rockland, ME 4841

Southwest Harbor Branch

314 Main Street
Southwest Harbor, ME 4679

Winter Harbor Branch

385 Main Street
Winter Harbor, ME 4693

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