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Routing Number: 101002716
PO BOX 26158
KANSAS CITY, MO 64196-9800

Crown Hill Branch # 17

134 N. Crown Hill Road
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Gladstone Branch # 14

6425 North Oak Trafficway
Gladstone, MO 64118

Grandview Highway 71 Branch # 4

12500 South 71 Highway
Grandview, MO 64030

Fountains At Greenbrier

2100 Swope Drive
Independence, MO 64057

Independence 23rd Street Branch

11507 East 23rd Street
Independence, MO 64052

Independence Branch # 8

18301 East 40 Highway
Independence, MO 64055

Wexford Place Branch

6500 N. Cosby
Kansas City, MO 64151

Picture Hills Branch #3

6430 North Cosby Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64151

Bank Midwest, National Association

1111 Main Street, Suite 1600
Kansas City, MO 64105

Grand Court Charters Branch

501 W 107th Street
Kansas City, MO 64114


9000 North Congress
Kansas City, MO 64153

Villa Ventura Branch

12100 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64145

Kendallwood Hills Estates Branch

8559 N. Line Creek Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64154

Ward Parkway Branch # 7

7904 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64114

Brookside Branch # 6

6249 Brookside Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64113

Bannister Branch

5800 East Bannister Road
Kansas City, MO 64134

Kirksville North Branch #80

1904 North Baltimore
Kirksville, MO 63501

Kirksville Branch #71

201 North Elson Street
Kirksville, MO 63501

The Carlyle

1098 Ne Independence Avenue
Lees Summit, MO 64086

Lee's Summit Branch # 38

1205 Ne Douglas Street
Lees Summit, MO 64086

Lexington Branch # 9

1211 Main Street
Lexington, MO 64067

Liberty Branch # 12

950 Sutton Place
Liberty, MO 64068

Liberty North Branch #28

1580 N Church Road
Liberty, MO 64068

Macon Branch # 75

1612 Maffry Street
Macon, MO 63552

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