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Routing Number: 026013673
P.O. BOX 1377
LEWISTON, ME 04240-1377

Pavilion West/Cromwell Avenue Branch

632 Cromwelll Avenue
Rocky Hill, CT 6067

Seymour Branch

249 Bank Street
Seymour, CT 6483

Shelton Branch

828 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, CT 6484

Simsbury Branch

714 Hopmeadow Street
Simsbury, CT 6070

Southbury Branch

1 Village Street
Southbury, CT 6488

Southington High School Branch

720 Pleasant Street
Southington, CT 6489

Southington Savings Bank Branch

121 Main Street
Southington, CT 6489

North End Branch

900 Queen Street
Southington, CT 6489

Stamford Downtown Branch

1625 Summer Street
Stamford, CT 6905

Stratford Branch

951 Stratford Avenue
Stratford, CT 6615

Torrington Commons Branch

215 High Street
Torrington, CT 6790

Trumbull Branch

925 White Plains Road
Trumbull, CT 6611

Barnes Industrial Park Branch

95 Barnes Road
Wallingford, CT 6492

2 North Main Street Branch

2 North Main Street
Wallingford, CT 6492

West Side Branch

7 North Turnpike Road
Wallingford, CT 6492

630 Highland Ave Branch

630 Highland Avenue
Waterbury, CT 6708

American Bank Of Connecticut Branch

Two West Main Street
Waterbury, CT 6702

2084 North Main Street Branch

2084 North Main Street
Waterbury, CT 6704

Mall Area Branch

835 Wolcott Street
Waterbury, CT 6705

Robinwood Branch

1254 West Main Street
Waterbury, CT 6708

Watertown Branch

1247 Main Street
Watertown, CT 6795

Town Center Branch

29 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT 6107

West Hartford Branch

143 S Main Street
West Hartford, CT 6107

Campbell Avenue Branch

636 Campbell Avenue
West Haven, CT 6516

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