First National Bank & Trust locations

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Routing Number: 101103356
P O BOX 627

Delta Branch

900 East Highway 107
Elsa, TX 78543

Harlingen Expressway Branch

1010 S. Expressway 83
Harlingen, TX 78550

Morgan Branch

1221 Morgan Boulevard
Harlingen, TX 78550

Hidalgo Branch

524 South Bridge
Hidalgo, TX 78557

Griggs Branch

4401 Griggs Rd
Houston, TX 77021


332 Columbia
Houston, TX 77007

Fm 1960

1817 Fm 1960 West
Houston, TX 77090

59 South Houston Branch

11100 Sw Freeway
Houston, TX 77031

First National Bank, Mangum Branch

2305 Mangum Road
Houston, TX 77092

First National Bank, La Feria

100 West Expressway 83
La Feria, TX 78559

La Joya Branch

701 East Expressway 83
La Joya, TX 78560

Village Laredo Branch

6625 San Dario Avenue
Laredo, TX 78041

Laredo-Guadalupe Branch

2102 Guadalupe
Laredo, TX 78043

Laredo Branch

6002 N. Mcpherson
Laredo, TX 78042

Lockhart - Camino Real Branch

1600 S Colorado
Lockhart, TX 78644

First National Bank, Los Fresnos Branch

1002 West Ocean Boulevard
Los Fresnos, TX 78566

Trenton Branch

7201 North 10th Street
Mcallen, TX 78504

Mcallen South 10th Branch

1821 South 10th Street
Mcallen, TX 78503

Mcallen 23rd St Branch

212 North 23rd Street
Mcallen, TX 78501

First National Bank Mcallen Hackberr

721 N 2nd St
Mcallen, TX 78501

Mercedes Branch

301 South Texas Avenue
Mercedes, TX 78570

Mission Branch

1709 North Conway
Mission, TX 78572

Olmito Branch

7905 Expressway 77/83
Olmito, TX 78575


1311 South Cage Blvd.
Pharr, TX 78577

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