Colorado East Bank & Trust locations

Colorado East Bank & Trust Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 102101577
PO BOX 257
GRANADA, CO 81041-0000

Buena Vista Branch

725 Highway 24 North
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Dacono Branch

801 Flying Circle Blvd.
Dacono, CO 80514

Fairplay Branch

351 Highway 285
Fairplay, CO 80440

Granada Branch

108 East Goff Street
Granada, CO 81041

Holly Branch

101 North Main
Holly, CO 81047

Keenesburg Branch

550 East Woodward Avenue
Keenesburg, CO 80643

La Junta Branch

405 Colorado Avenue
La Junta, CO 81050

La Salle Branch

207 1st Avenue
La Salle, CO 80645

Colorado East Bank & Trust

100 West Pearl Street
Lamar, CO 81052

Mead Branch

141 Main Street
Mead, CO 80542

Pueblo Branch

1515 Fortino Boulevard
Pueblo, CO 81008

Prairie Avenue Branch

1219 S. Prairie Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81005

Pueblo West Branch

94 S Tiffany
Pueblo West, CO 81007

Severance Branch

399 West 4th Avenue
Severance, CO 80546

Springfield Branch

1030 Main Street
Springfield, CO 81073

Stratton Branch

141 Colorado Avenue
Stratton, CO 80836

Morton Street Branch

432 Morton Street
Elkhart, KS 67950

Tribune Branch

423 Broadway
Tribune, KS 67879

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