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Routing Number: 103003632
3509 S. PURDUE ST.
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73179-0000

310 West Main Street Branch

310 West Main Street
Ardmore, OK 73401

Exchange National Motor Branch

310 West Main Street
Ardmore, OK 73401

1917 North Commerce Branch

1917 North Commerce
Ardmore, OK 73402

First Bartlesville Bank Branch

300 Se Frank Phillips Boulevard
Bartlesville, OK 74003

North Main Street Branch

101 North Main Street
Blackwell, OK 74631

West Blackwell Branch

124 West Blackwell Avenue
Blackwell, OK 74631

Chandler Branch

1001 Manvel Avenue
Chandler, OK 74834

308 Madison Branch

308 Madison
Chattanooga, OK 73528

Highway 51 And Broadway Branch

Highway 51 And Broadway
Coweta, OK 74429

Del City Branch

4200 South Sunnylane Road
Del City, OK 73155

Duncan Branch

16 South Ninth Street
Duncan, OK 73533

1616 Elk Street Branch

1616 Elk Street
Duncan, OK 73533

Drive-In Branch

100 S. 9th St.
Duncan, OK 73533

First Southwest Bank Branch

200 North Main
Frederick, OK 73542

Frederick Branch

201 South Main
Frederick, OK 73542

Glenpool Branch

394 East 141st Street
Glenpool, OK 74033

Guthrie Branch

202 West Oklahoma Street
Guthrie, OK 73044

Drive-In Facility

224 N. Division
Guthrie, OK 73044

19979 N.E. 23rd Street Branch

19979 N.E. 23rd Street
Harrah, OK 73045

Drive-In Branch

401 South Broadway
Hobart, OK 73651

Hobart Branch

105 W. 4th Street
Hobart, OK 73651

Hugo Branch

101 East Jackson Street
Hugo, OK 74743

Jenks Branch

200 East Main Street
Jenks, OK 74037

Jones Branch

9285 North Hiwassee Road
Jones, OK 73049

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