Legacy Bank, Blanchard Branch locations

Legacy Bank, Blanchard Branch Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 103104887
P.O.BOX 21688
OKLA CITY, OK 73156-1038

Binger Branch

225 West Main Street
Binger, OK 73009

Blanchard Branch

1000 North Main Street
Blanchard, OK 73010

Duncan Branch

2100 North 81 Highway
Duncan, OK 73534

Spring Creek Branch

1289 E 15th, Ste.100
Edmond, OK 73013

Elk City Branch

921 West Third Street
Elk City, OK 73644

Legacy Bank

101 West Main
Hinton, OK 73047

Marlow Branch

1401 S. Broadway
Marlow, OK 73055

Newcastle Branch

509 Northwest 32nd Street
Newcastle, OK 73065

Memorial Road Branch

2801 W Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Oklahoma City Branch

13216 N Macarthur
Oklahoma City, OK 73142

701-723 E. Main Street Branch

701-723 E. Main Street
Weatherford, OK 73096

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