Citizens Security Bank & Trust Co. locations

Citizens Security Bank & Trust Co. Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 103112112
PO BOX 130
BIXBY, OK 74008-0130

Memorial Branch

11402 South Memorial Street
Bixby, OK 74008

Citizens Security Bank & Trust Compa

14821 South Memorial
Bixby, OK 74008

Broken Arrow Branch

3601 West Kenosha
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Glenpool Branch

East 141st Street
Glenpool, OK 74033

Haskell Branch

202 N Broadway Avenue
Haskell, OK 74436

Jenks Branch

221 S. Elm
Jenks, OK 74037

Muskogee Branch

401 North Main
Muskogee, OK 74401

Muskogee Eastside Branch

2401 East Hancock
Muskogee, OK 74401

Okmulgee Branch

101 East 6th Street
Okmulgee, OK 74447

Okmulgee Motor Bank Branch

201 East 8th Street
Okmulgee, OK 74447

South Yale Avenue Branch

8085 South Yale Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74136

Weleetka Branch

102 West 9th Street
Weleetka, OK 74880

Wetumka Branch

601 South Main Street
Wetumka, OK 74883

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