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Routing Number: 031201360
PO BOX 1377
LEWISTON, ME 04240-1377

South Rutland Branch

276 South Main Street
Rutland, VT 5701

Rutland Branch

46 North Main Street
Rutland, VT 5701

Killington Branch

89 Merchants Row
Rutland, VT 5701

Rutland Plaza Branch

89 Merchants Row
Rutland, VT 5701

Franklin Lamoille Bank Branch

8 North Main Street
Saint Albans, VT 5478

Shelburne Branch

5112 Shelburne Rd., Route 7
Shelburne, VT 5482

South Burlington Branch

1855 Williston Road
South Burlington, VT 5403

St. Albans Plaza Branch

351 Swanton Rd, Highgate Plaza
St. Albans, VT 5478

St. Johnsbury Branch

301 Railroad Street
St. Johnsbury, VT 5819

Stowe Branch

39 Main Street
Stowe, VT 5672

Swanton Branch

13 York Street
Swanton, VT 5488

Valley Branch

5070 Main Street, Route 100
Waitsfield, VT 5673

Waterbury Branch

14 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 5676

Williston Branch

2300 St. George Road
Williston, VT 5495

Winooski Branch

27 East Allen Street
Winooski, VT 5404

Woodstock Branch

21 Elm Street
Woodstock, VT 5091

Woodstock Branch

429 Woodstock Road
Woodstock, VT 5091

Cayman Islands Branch

Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands, 0

Cayman Island Branch

Cardinal Avenue
Grand Cayman, 0

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