Sun National Bank locations

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Routing Number: 031206420
VINELAND, NJ 08360-0000

Somers Point Branch

521 New Road
Somers Point, NJ 8244

Toms River Branch

601 Route 37 West
Toms River, NJ 8755

Hamilton Branch

411 Route 33
Trenton, NJ 8619

Broad Street Office Branch

150 S. Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 8608

Tuckahoe Branch

2201 Rte 50
Tuckahoe, NJ 8250

Tuckerton Branch

540 Route 9 South
Tuckerton, NJ 8087

Turnersville Branch

4651 Route 42
Turnersville, NJ 8012

Ventnor South Branch

7319 Ventnor Avenue
Ventnor City, NJ 8406

Vineland Branch

401 Landis Avenue
Vineland, NJ 8360

Sun National Bank

226 West Landis Avenue
Vineland, NJ 8360

East Landis Branch

1184 East Landis Avenue
Vineland, NJ 8360

Wall Township Branch

2440 Highway 34
Wall Township, NJ 8724

Weymouth Branch

903 Boulevard, Rte. 50
Weymouth Township, NJ 8330

Wildwood Crest Drive-In Branch

5611 New Jersey Avenue
Wildwood Crest, NJ 8260

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