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Routing Number: 107001481
1111 MAIN SUITE 201
KANSAS CITY, MO 64105-0000

Tower Road Branch

3301 North Tower Road
Aurora, CO 80011

Aurora Smokey Hill Branch

6101 South Aurora Parkway
Aurora, CO 80016

Aurora South Financial Center

5650 South Chambers Rd
Aurora, CO 80015

Walmart Aurora Branch

9400 East Hampden Avenue
Aurora, CO 80014

Yoder Avenue Branch

171 Yoder Avenue
Avon, CO 81620

Bromley Lane Wal-Mart

60 West Bromley Lane
Brighton, CO 80601

Broomfield Branch

500 Summit Boulevard
Broomfield, CO 80021

Castle Rock Branch

4400 Front Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Centennial Branch

10900 East Briarwood Avenue
Centennial, CO 80112

Woodmen Branch

5550 East Woodmen
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Downtown Colo Sprs Main Branch

One South Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Academy Bank, National Association

2835 Briargate Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Palmer Park Branch

1650 Space Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

1575 Space Center Drive Branch

1575 Space Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Platte Branch

3201 E. Platte Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Colorado Springs Branch

707 South 8th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Briargate Office

2835 Briargate Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Razorback Road Branch

8250 Razorback Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Dahlia Street Branch

5990 Dahlia Street
Commerce City, CO 80022

Delta Branch

37 Stafford Lane
Delta, CO 81416

Denver Tech Branch

8110 E Union Avenue Ste 125
Denver, CO 80237

Aurora Tower Center Branch

9600 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80231

Stapleton Branch

7800 E. Smith Road
Denver, CO 80207

Englewood Parkway Branch

601 Englewood Parkway
Englewood, CO 80110

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